Thursday, January 23, 2014


Liz Lemon seeks Ron Swanson. Must love dogs and accept them as family members. I prefer to be called Lady Mary, at least until I get to know you

I see nothing wrong with this as a profile for a dating website. A friend told me it screams "cat lady".

I just don't think my humor was meant for the internet. To know me (and actually meet me in person) is to love me. 


I truly believe that God created us to have relationships. As a good friend pointed out to me not too long ago, look at the Trinity. It's the best example we have of our need for relationships. 

The struggle I have is seeking relationships outside of romantic ones. I've had the closest kind of earthly relationship in my marriage. Having already experienced that relationship and now living without it, I feel a new and deeper kind of loneliness than ever. In my former pre marriage single life I had never experienced the closeness of when God joins two together. I couldn't miss what I had not experienced. But now...

Now I know what it's like to have the most intimate relationship humanly possible. And I miss it. I long for that connection that came with my marriage. While I probably have more close friends and connections than ever before none are like what I had. So I pray that my friendships be strengthened. I pray that The Lord will be my all and provide another husband one day.

In the mean time I try to appreciate what I have now. As for internet dating... I'm just not sure it can handle me right now. Maybe one day. 

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