Friday, January 24, 2014


The prayer bathroom. 

"I think single stall bathrooms are a gift from God" -a very close friend

 I've have had two "big girl" jobs and most recently a part time job. I hated and loved these very different jobs. There is one thing they have all shared though. A single stall restroom. 

I am a woman and with that comes a certain amount of emotion. I cry on my bad days and I cry on my good days. I also cry on my days in between days. If there is a woman out there that can't relate then I would like to meet you. You are a modern marvel. 

When I started nursing school I was a basket of emotions. As if starting over after being out of school for several years isn't enough, I had a few other things on my plate like buying a house and getting a divorce. So when I found a single stall restroom down the hall from my nursing classes I was elated. A place to cry! A place to go with a lock on the door!

I had a single stall restroom at my first job  out of college. I worked at a law school and while it was a good job I didn't really connect with my coworkers. I'm fairly sure the single stall restroom hidden deep in the school's basement saved me more than a few times. I had a similar hideout at my next job. A sanctuary. A place to be alone with my thoughts an emotions. A place to cry. A place to write notes in my phone. 

I had the most wonderful evening with a very dear friend tonight. She told me about her "prayer bathroom".  A place she could go at work to pray and cry and journal. Sound familiar to any of you? It sure does to me. 

Even now at my part time job I need to escape sometimes. I love this job with all my heart and love my coworkers too. But still I need an escape. So I lock myself in the Heaven sent single stall bathroom and cry and write and decompress. 

Earlier today my therapist suggested I start making lists of gratitude. Things to be thankful for each day. Today, I am thankful for single stall bathrooms to cry in. I am thankful for single stall restrooms sent from God! 

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